Black and white workshop

by danielbarnesdesign

In the black and white workshop we were expected to experiment with black and white scans that we created from 3 different collage’s. The first being type only then image only then type and image. We had to find a quote that appealed to us about our chosen word, mine being utopia, and print it on a3 paper as black text on a white background then inverted. We also had to use 2 different scans and print them at a3 and then invert the colours and print again on a3. We were then only allowed to use scissors, scalpels, glue and a photocopier to create visually interesting designs that followed 3 design principles e.g, contrast, proportion etc.

I quite enjoyed this workshop as it’s something i have never tried and have never even thought of trying to tackle a brief before. I created many different experiments and had a lot of mistakes to create the piece i wanted to create. overall i was really happy with what i created and i would definitely use this process again.

I think the contrast works the best with my final outcome and i really like how it’s split into several parts. I personally don’t see any weaknesses in my piece mainly because i’ve never really explored this method before so i wouldn’t know what is right and what is wrong.

I gained a new method of traditionally creating and/or developing work and i would gladly use this method again in other briefs.