Design Processes

by danielbarnesdesign

I was not too sure about this brief as i had absolutely no idea how to tackle it or what was expected of me. I was confused throughout the majority of the brief until i realised it was just experimentation that was asked of me.

I learnt quite a lot about the principles of design in this brief through researching them. A few of the principles however i could not find much if any information about so i still do not have a full understanding of a couple of the principles. I learnt how contrast isn’t purely based on colour but also proportion and type. Also i learnt about kandinsky’s colour theory about what shapes deserve what colours which may very well come into play in other briefs.

I found the black and white workshop extremely interesting and helpful. I think it was at this point the brief was becoming more clear in terms of experimentation. It was a method i had never really thought of using and i will definitely be using it in other briefs that require hand rendered artwork.

Many different people/companies have influenced my work throughout the project. A couple of the main influences being a design group called we are fucking awesome (WAFA), Kim Morley and Kid Grandios. These people/companies helped me understand what i needed to do and showed different ways of experimenting with traditional collage elements.

I feel as though if i had a thorough understanding of the brief from the beginning my work could have been of a much better quality than it is now. I have quite enjoyed this brief though as i have learnt new methods and design principles that will definitely help me in the future and that have helped me through this brief.