Simple is Ample.

by danielbarnesdesign


Electronic technology is a complicated subject and has simplified jobs, entertainment and household chores, revolutionizing the way we live. Yet some devices are more popular than others. Why is this? Well, whilst looking through other people’s views on simplicity i came across a blog post that couldn’t be more on the mark. It said that he was on a train and noticed that 3 women were using their blackberry smart phones, yet they had the iconic white Ipod earphones in their ears. He asked the question, why do people own a smart phone, which can hold mp3 songs, yet still use an Ipod to listen to their music? Simple. The mp3 interface on the blackberry, and other phones, is very clunky and not attractive at all. The Ipod interface is very sleek and simple which invites the user more to use it. The point is that simpler is more attractive and is also easier to read and understand.

Small Image Big Brand.

In brands simplicity is evident that it is the key to a clean cut, more professional looking, company. A major example of this is Apple. They are known, not only for their range of macs, phones, Ipads and Ipods, but also for their very clean, simple design. I, personally, am attracted to simple designs because it’s straight to the point and obvious. Isn’t that what graphic design is about? Communicating and informing visually? Well from what i’ve seen complicated designs do communicate the point it’s getting at but it takes the long way round. Simple design just gives it to you on a plate, telling you straight away what it is and what it does. I’m not talking about logo design either. I’m talking about the overall image of a brand from it’s advertising through to it’s print based work.

Define Simplicity.

A big debate about simplicity in the graphic design community is what does simplicity mean? does it mean using the least amount of elements as possible? or is it just making design easier to understand? Well personally i think simplicity is about making things easy to understand by using less elements to make it obvious what your communicating. Why debate the two ideas when you can combine them? It’s like an abbreviation. In text language successful use of simplicity is evident. I’m going to be late tonight becomes I’m gna b l8 2nite. It’s a lot shorter and simpler but it communicates the exact same message as before and it’s still obvious in what it is saying.

Techno? TechYES!

As you can see in my report i have made many references to technology. This is because technology has revolutionized graphic design in the way we see it and the way we use it. It has made it easier to create pieces of design and simplified the design process by a drastic amount. I suppose that’s touching on the digital vs traditional debate, in which i side with the digital option but i won’t go into that.

Simple is definitely ample and, in my opinion, it is the best way to design.