Branding and Advertising Evaluation

by danielbarnesdesign

The process started off with me thoroughly researching about branding and finding out what it is and how it is applied. Through the evidence that was found I understood that a brand is not only a logo that is applied to products and advertisements but a complete visual identity. This entails the consistent usage of a specific colour scheme, specified typography, correct usage of a logo, a consistent layout throughout packaging, print, web and advertising etc and many other things. I also found that if a brand was consistent with it’s visual identity that it would create a familiarity with it’s target audience and with familiarity comes trust and security which establishes a brand in it’s market. Then came the research into different brands and why they were successful. The brands that I researched showed that their main success was through the human connection that they had with their target audience. The actual design process started with brainstorming different words that were related to peace or that were related to the different areas in which Peace One Day branch into i.e. music, film, sport, dance etc. This then led me to drawing up rough visuals of different logo ideas. I eventually came up with my dove idea. After developing this concept I realised the idea was good but the design itself was not right. After many different variations of the initial idea the finished logo was created. It was around this that I created the colour scheme and the type that i would use throughout the brand. After creating the brand’s image I started to research into advertising, advertising agency’s, different types of advertising and examples of creative advertising. Early on, in the advertising side of this project, I had one idea in my head that was based around my logo. It was an origami dove that doubled up as a flyer. Unfortunately I got this idea stuck in my head nothing else tied in together so I needed to go back to the drawing board and create a whole new campaign which, after a lot of development, finally became successful.


I feel as though I have majorly improved my skills within branding and advertising by working through this project. Before i really struggled with advertising as I had not really done much theoretical or practical work within the advertising area, but now after thoroughly researching different areas of advertising and looking at different examples of advertising this has helped me out a lot in forming my own ideas and putting them into practice. The exact same can be said for branding, although I didn’t majorly struggle in it I managed to greatly develop my skills, mainly in the rough and development stages.


My final outcomes were submitted in 2D format but they were submitted like this as an idea for how they could be used in 3D format. My final outcomes, I feel, met the project brief very well as they filled the criteria that was stated in the brief handbook. My outcomes could have been executed in the format that i wanted them to work as and I feel as though this would have been a more professional presentation. If anything i’d have spent a lot more time on the advertising side as it lacks in creativity but would look a lot better if presented properly.


If it wasn’t for the crits and discussions I would not have been able to have submitted the work I have done as these discussions pointed me towards the right direction and helped me develop and choose the most successful work.


If i had managed my time better my submission probably would have been a lot stronger and a lot more in depth. If there’s anything that i have taken from this it is to start my sketchbook from the beginning of the brief and not leave everything until the last minute to place into it as i realised how much I had actually missed out whilst I was placing my work in my sketchbooks.


My main strength in my presentation was the fact that i had plenty to talk about and i tried to explain everything in depth. This was also one of my main weaknesses as i had not structured my presentation beforehand so everything was a little bit everywhere so if there was anything i’d do to improve this it would be to structure my presentation.