Dissertation prep

by danielbarnesdesign





For my first question, what i’m wanting to find out through my dissertation is whether a strong, successful and/or professional visual identity is key to a band’s success. This doesn’t just mean professionally designed album/single covers but every part of a band’s visual identity. This entails the research (primary and secondary) of several different successful bands which have either a strong visual identity through merchandise, music videos, websites, social media, promotional photography etc or successful bands that don’t have a prominent and well recognised visual style or identity but have found success regardless.




For my second question I will be hoping to discover which form of advertising is the most effective. Print based advertising, television based advertising or web based advertising? Obviously print based advertising was first to appear and is still very prominent in the present day whether it be in the form of a billboard, magazine advertisement, flyers etc. Television based advertising came next and has a huge impact on our lives as well and this is a huge platform to advertise on. also advertising is all over television shows even when it’s not the ad breaks. Web based advertisement is now a huge part of the advertising industry. Pretty much every web page a person will ever come into contact with will bear some sort of advertisement. This has gotten so popular within advertising that people have developed hugely popular ad blockers as the pop up advertisements have now become seen upon as a nuisance. My main aim is to find out, through primary and secondary research, which one of these advertising platforms are the most effective in terms of the amount of people they come into contact with and how influential they actually are within people’s lives.


The Questions in Detail




In modern day music big expensive music videos, amazing logos, professionally designed websites and fantastically designed merchandise have a huge part in the way a band or artist is seen in the public eye. Some of these bands or artists have actually become known for their music videos or merchandise. This is, a lot of the time, through controversy and public debate which in turn possibly catapults the band or artist into the public eye. This may not actually be a good thing as it can turn a lot of people against the band in general which, in turn, makes people claim that the band’s music is not good. On the other hand people could see this as any publicity is good publicity. But the question is related not only to successful bands with a strong visual identity but it also relates to bands that have a more unrecognised or weaker visual identity but have managed to find success the old fashioned way, through their music and building a strong fan base by touring everywhere. What led me to asking this question is the fact that obviously a band need to be able to tour and record their music to be able to get any recognition in the first place but in order to do all this a band need to sell merchandise, alongside whatever money they have anyway, to be able to make money. But then I realised that there was quite a few bands that I, and many other people who I know, hadn’t even seen any media, merchandise or logos from. So what does this mean? Well this is what I intend to find out if i choose this as my dissertation topic.




Print, television or web advertising? They can all reach different audiences and in different ways. Print can be more creative in the way it is made (3d or 2d) and also in where and how it is placed. Television advertising has been proven to have a huge impact in our lives in the way that it affects our decisions when the time comes to choose a product or a service. The internet has become a huge platform to be able to advertise on mainly because of the amount of users that are online. This runs from pop up advertisements to viral videos on Youtube to social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. A lot of the time they are seen as a nuisance and can just quite simply be avoided by skipping to the next page or just closing the window that the advertisement pops up in. This is it’s main downfall as most people get annoyed with them but also these people are seeing the product or service first before closing it. Does this affect the way we choose our products or is it just an inconvenience? Most people have come across all three formats of advertising but which type has the most profound effect on a person and is therefore more successful? These are questions that I hope to answer through primary and secondary research if i choose this question for my dissertation.






For my research into this topic I am mainly looking into alternative bands as these bands have to work from the dirt up through writing their own songs and touring constantly to get known. The main areas i am going to look into are how important merchandise is to a band and if they need to be well designed and professional or if people buy them purely for the band’s name, how important music videos and again if they need to be well made and professional to be able to catch people’s attention and what part a band’s logo plays in the overall image of a band and if a well designed logo is really necessary.



Merchandise is essential for any band who wants to go on tour or record singles or albums. It is a band’s main source of income (second to the members personal income). What I would like to look into is how important merchandise is and what part it has in creating a professional overall image. In order to do this I would need to look into a band that has a strong visual identity and find out what sales figures they have against a band with a weak visual identity. Finding this research will allow me to understand if a band needs the professional image to be able to sell merchandise.


Music Videos

A music video allows the band to put across their own personal image and their music at the same time. It advertises the band’s music through television and the internet therefore aiming at a much wider audience. I would like to find out whether or not a professional, high quality music video is necessary to catch people’s attention and create interest in the band or can the music or the band’s name create more interest? To find out I would need to create a survey and ask different people to fill them out. It would have to be digital as i would need to provide two comparisons for the person to make their decisions. By getting the results from these surveys i would be able to establish whether or not the bands with a professional video are more effective than the band with a lower standard video.



A logo is a signature for a band. There are many bands that have iconic logos that are instantly recognisable. What I would like to look into is how important a logo is for a band. I would like to create another survey that has different bands logos. I would like to target people who have no idea who these bands are so it would be a fair decision. What i would be aiming to find out is which of these logos attract the viewer more, the bands with a weak visual identity or the bands with a strong visual identity. Doing this will help me to come closer to a conclusion by finding out which logos are more effective.




The research for this question will be split into 2 different areas. The first of which will be statistics on how many people each form of advertising reaches. This will be done through thorough researching on the internet and looking through sales figures for different major companies to find out what percentage was through what form of advertising. This will help me to get the hard facts and will be a big step towards my conclusion. But this is only a small part of what I am hoping to find out as it doesn’t cover people’s opinions on the overall effectiveness of the different types of advertising. The next area will be to find out people’s opinions when asked about how they feel about print based, television based and web based advertisements. They shall also be asked, when given examples, to choose which one would affect the decision making process when it comes to choosing a product or service. These questions will be presented in the form of a survey which shall be given to several different people. This will help me to find out what people’s general opinions are when presented with different forms of information. Finding the answers to these questions will help me towards finding my conclusion to the overall question.