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Make something cool every day

Just stumbled upon this on the Behance network. It’s a project by Brock Davis in which he creates something every day throughout 2009. Whether it be design or photography your interested in or art there’s pretty much something for any creatively minded person in here.

Great for inspiration and finding a new view on things.

Make something cool every day


Creative Outcome

Here is the creative outcome for my AA brand report. It is a can of de-icer as it is the winter months and the AA make a line of car care products.

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Whilst researching different arguments/discussions in the current world of design i came across this example of a design manifesto which i feel like i connected with and fully understood.

The main reason i felt strongly about this is because, whilst researching for the branding/advertising brief for “Peace One Day”, they come across as though they want the design/advertising campaign to, in a sense, solve the problem of war and violence.

This manifesto summarises my thoughts that design does not “solve” a problem but opens the viewers eyes to the problem at hand and informs them of what is happening.

As stated in the manifesto, which completely sums the whole thing up for me, “Design is that necessary catalyst that turns apathy into action.”

Follow the link to see the manifesto created by Sharon Silverberg.


Brand Report

Below is the link to my finished brand report, which was created within the style guidelines of the AA.


The AA Brand Report: Style Guidelines & Type Hierachy

The following pages are PDFs taken directly from my report. Click the link below to view them.

style guidelines

The images below are the type hierarchy’s for the AA using the typefaces and colours they specify in their style guidelines.

The AA Brand Report: Packaging & Printed Materials

Here is a collection of packaging and print based materials i managed to accumulate through primary and secondary research.

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The AA Brand Report: Past & Current TV Ads

One of the main means of advertisement for the AA is television advertisement. Since the 80’s they have used TV advertising and created a large list of past and current television ads. These are the adverts i managed to find through

These are the vintage advertisements i found. They are all labelled with AA in the title.

These are the modern advertisements i found. Again they are all labelled with AA in the title.

The AA Brand Report: Past & Current Logos

It was really difficult trying to find examples of past logos as there is not a vast amount of information on them. I was however able to find a few, if not all, of the past logos including the currently used logo. Some were found through researching and taking screenshots of past television advertising campaigns and others were found through trawling through pages on the internet. Most of these examples were and are used with a tagline or slogan alongside them. These include “It’s great to know you belong”, “We’re all you need to know”, “To our members we’re the 4th emergency service”, “Just AAsk”, “You’ve got AA friend” and the currently used slogan “For the road ahead”.

The AA Brand Report: History

Originally formed in 1905 by 100 motor enthusiasts, the AA have grown to establish themselves as not only the number one breakdown assistance organisation but have also established themselves as major contenders in other areas, such as insurance, route planning, maps and guides amongst the many other services that they offer.

I also managed to find a video that gives a brief explanation of the history of the AA.

You can find the video here.

Design Processes

I was not too sure about this brief as i had absolutely no idea how to tackle it or what was expected of me. I was confused throughout the majority of the brief until i realised it was just experimentation that was asked of me.

I learnt quite a lot about the principles of design in this brief through researching them. A few of the principles however i could not find much if any information about so i still do not have a full understanding of a couple of the principles. I learnt how contrast isn’t purely based on colour but also proportion and type. Also i learnt about kandinsky’s colour theory about what shapes deserve what colours which may very well come into play in other briefs.

I found the black and white workshop extremely interesting and helpful. I think it was at this point the brief was becoming more clear in terms of experimentation. It was a method i had never really thought of using and i will definitely be using it in other briefs that require hand rendered artwork.

Many different people/companies have influenced my work throughout the project. A couple of the main influences being a design group called we are fucking awesome (WAFA), Kim Morley and Kid Grandios. These people/companies helped me understand what i needed to do and showed different ways of experimenting with traditional collage elements.

I feel as though if i had a thorough understanding of the brief from the beginning my work could have been of a much better quality than it is now. I have quite enjoyed this brief though as i have learnt new methods and design principles that will definitely help me in the future and that have helped me through this brief.